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Seems Like Yesterday (self-released) 2017
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Bonnie Koloc - Rediscovered (self-released) 2012
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Beginnings (self-released) 2010
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Here to Sing (self-released) 2006
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A Bestiary - Beasts of the Farm (self-released) - 2004 art book and CD
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Reissued 2019 in CD format

Timeless (self-released) 2004
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Visual Voice (Naim) 2000
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With You On My Side (Flying Fish) 1994
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LPs: (out-of-print)

Wild and Recluse (Epic) - 1978

Close-Up (Epic) - 1976

At Her Best (Ovation) - 1976

You’re Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning (Ovation) - 1974

Bonnie Koloc (Ovation) - 1973

Hold On To Me (Ovation) - 1972

After All This Time (Ovation) - 1971

Bonnie at Kerrville Folk Festival 2011
One of the originals of the 70s Old Town folk scene that includes John Prine and Steve Goodman and still going strong....." - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune.