Bonnie is Back! Old Town School - Chicago,

Saturday February 3, 2024

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Beginnings CD


Celebrating 40+ years of music, "BEGINNINGS" brings you Bonnie in action at the legendary Chicago folk club The Earl Of Old Town and also at the University of Illinois.

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Here to Sing


Folk, blues and ballads in a new studio recording. Many of the songs written by Bonnie, most not recorded before. Superb accompaniments by Howard Levy and others.  Arrangements by Bonnie and Howard.

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The wide scope of material from folk to blues and ballads presents a musical autobiography that will stir the memories of Bonnie’s fans and please the ear of every listener.

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bestiary CD


Beasts of the Farm

Words, Music, and Linocuts

Now Available as CD

Poems about thirteen farm animals in a musical setting composed and sung by Bonnie with original block prints depicting each. Bonnie has performed these songs in concert and at her one-woman art exhibits to enthusiastic response from people of all ages and backgrounds.

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With You on My Side


With You On My Side now available. Named Pop Album of the Week by Stephen Holden of the New York Times upon its initial release. All songs written by Bonnie including favorites "You Played Me Just Like A Piano," "Mama Chicago," "Hot Night In New York City" and "Mango".

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